Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax is ensured to be of first-rate quality as we source it from – Chandri Paper & Allied Products Private Ltd.,under the brand name of Wax India which boasts of state-of-the-art machinery and infrastructure that sets it apart. We as a Supplier of Paraffin Wax present to you the quality that is tested by a team of trained professionals against the norms and standards of quality prescribed by industry. It is used largely for lubricating oils with low pour points and for the production of lubricating oils after de-waxing.

Why Purchase Chandri Paraffin Waxes?

  • They are Speciality Waxes :
    • Chandri Waxes are well known across India, with its manufacturing plant and state of art technology to manufacture speciality waxes located near Mumbai
    • Waxes
    • Versatile product
    • The requirement varies from industry to industry with exact characteristics to match.
    • Chandri Waxes customizes waxes for different industries depending on there specific requirements
    • Chandri paraffin produces wax on a very large scale.
  • Demand For Waxes Nowadays :
    • Today, the use of wax has increased continuously, on a majority for two reasons :
    • The demand for lubricating oils with low pour  points and
    • The large proportion of paraffinic crudes in total crude oil production that has to be dewaxed for the production of lubricating oils.
    • Depending on their natural occurrence and their crystalline nature, petroleum waxes are divided into: paraffin waxes and micro waxes.

We also offer Micro Crystalline Waxes.


Sr.No. Characteristics ASTM Method   Unit Result Typical Remark
Min. Max.
1 Appearance Visual Light Yellow / White Solid - Off white colour solid wax flakes OK
2 Colour on melting D-1500 - 1.5 - L1 OK
3 Ash Content - - 0 - < 0.05% OK
4 Water - NILL - - NILL OK
5 Oil Content - - - - 2 – 5 % OK
6 Melting Point UPS741(II) 60 - D.C 65 OK
7 Flash Point (COC) D – 92 200 - D.C 230 OK
8 Needle Penetration @ 30D.C.of Slab D – 1321 20 65 D.C 30 to 40 OK
9 Congealing Point D -938 58 - D.C 61 D.C OK
10 Packing - - - - 25 kg flakes in box OK