Gujcon CRF

Paul & Company has been associated with Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd, who are managed by Gujarat State Government and have recently launched Gujcon Concrete Reinforcement Fiber (CRF), we present you product of unsurpassable quality. Gujcon CRF comes with a number of benefits such as reduction in water absorption and penetration depth, prevention of cracks by nipping them in the bud, improvement in shatter resistance of wall, etc.

GUJCON CRF Polyamide6 (Nylon6) Fibres :

  • A breakthrough in secondary reinforcement
  • Development based on extensive Research and Application trials
  • Unique and state-of-the-art next generation products for rendering long lasting solutions to some of the teething problems of construction and infrastructure industries
  • Superior to other secondary reinforcement Fibre products
  • Reliable secondary reinforcement material.

Grades of GUJCON Nylon6 Fibres :

  • GUJCON CRF for Concrete Applications
  • GUJCON PRF for Plaster Applications

Applications :

  • RCC & PCC –Slabs, columns, lintels
  • Pavement, Flooring
  • Roads, Bridges, Airport Runways
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Pre Cast Structures.

Advantages :

  • Reduces in plastic shrinkage and long term-temperature shrinkage cracking.
  • Improves homegenity and workability of concrete mix.
  • Reduces water permeability.
  • Increases durability of concrete.
  • Enhances compression, flexural and impact strength of concrete.

Dosage : Use 100 gm GUJCON-CRF/ 50 Kg Cement Bag.