Gujcon PRF

Gujcon PRF is the best quality you will come across. We as a Supplier of Gujcon PRF procure from only those vendors who are capable to maintain a consistent level of exceptional quality. Rest assured of its quality as we go all out to test it against various parameters set by industry. We offer it in attractive secondary packaging for your convenience. Our esteemed customers can lay their hands on all this at pocket friendly rates.

GUJCON PRF Polyamide6 (Nylon6) Fibres :

  • A breakthrough in secondary reinforcement
  • Development based on extensive Research and Application trials
  • Unique and state-of-the-art next generation products for rendering long lasting solutions to some of the teething problems of construction and infrastructure industries
  • Superior to other secondary reinforcement Fibre products
  • Reliable secondary reinforcement material

Grades of GUJCON Nylon6 Fibres

  • GUJCON CRF for Concrete Applications
  • GUJCON PRF for Plaster Applications


  • GUJCON –PRF is specially engineered 06 mm length Nylon6 Fibre for providing secondary reinforcement in plaster.


  • Plaster
  • Shotcrete, Gunniting

Advantages :

  • Reduces water absorption and penetration depth
  • Prevents cracks occurrence at point of inception
  • Improves shatter resistance of wall
  • Makes surface less porous and improves surface finish
  • Reduces rebound loss
  • Checks dampness and saves on repairing cost
  • Increases workability, uniformity and strength of mortar mix
  • Improves work pace by binding ingredients in thicker coat