Naulakha Engineering Works Soap Base

Soap Making has become an upcoming industry, previously glycerine soaps were made through Cold Process, which was made by saponifying lye and oil whose resulting chemical reaction was soap, handling lye makes it a tricky process; where as now we offer melt and pour soap bases in which sapnofication is already done and there is no waiting and process involves just heating the base, adding the essense and color and pouring into the soap molds. This industry has also given push to self employment.

Paul and Company is representing product for Naulakha Engineering Works, whose owner is one of the partners in the famous Naulakha Sabun; they are a cosmetic research development and manufacturing company established in the year 2000. They source materials from vendors who are selected by undergoing a thorough process to spot the ones who refuse to deliver nothing short of unrivaled quality.

CEPE range of Soap bases/ Flakes to be made through melt and pour process offered in both bars and flakes and in clear transparent and opaque variety with three variants each in normal and sulphate free soap base.

We offer the soap Bases in 3 ranges

  • Normal Glycerine Melt and Pour Soap Bases
  • Sulphate Free Glycerine Melt and Pour Soap Bases
  • Special Melt and Pour Soap Base Grades

Normal Glycerine Melt and Pour Soap Bases

We offer one of the most extensive soap Base range in the industry, suited for different customers from different segments and walks and talks of life. These are Surfactant Based Transparent Melt and Pour Soap is a blend of Oil based natural & synthetic foaming agents and Polyols together in the form of solid bars/ Flakes with following properties:-

  • Good Transparency, Foaming, Cleansing and Moisturising
  • Easy to Melt
  • Good Perfume Retention
  • Solid Material on Crystallization
  • Clear, Colourless; also available in opaque
  • Without Malodour
  • No residue wastage after melting and pouring process