Radiance Herbal Products

Paul and Company is representing Radiance Herbals, they are sistrt concern of Naulakha Enginering Works. They offer huge range of products for FMCG segment which enjoys huge demand.

Radiance Herbals  Range of Bases
Hair Car Range

  • Shampoo Base
    • Conditioning Shampoo Base Available in (Pearly/Transparent)
    • Sulphate Free Shampoo Base
    • Anti Dandruff Shampoo Base
    • Sulphate Free Anti Dandruff Shampoo Base
  • Hair Serum Base with Argan Oil
  • Hair Conditioner Base

Bathing Range Bases

  • Handwash Base
    • Multipurpose Handwash Base used for shampoo Shower Gel and Handwash
    • Sulphate Free Handwash Base
  • Shower Gel Base
    • Normal Shower Gel Base
    • Sulphate Free Shower Gel Base
  • Baby Milk Bath with No Tear
  • Intimate Hygiene Sulphate Free Base
  • Skin Care Bases
    • Anti Wrinkle Cream Base
    • Sulphate Free Face Wash Base
  • Sanitizer
    • Normal Sanitizer
    • Sanitizer with Vitamin E Beads
  • Finished Products


 Our Range

  • Sanitizer      
  • Anti Dandruff Shampoo      
  • Sulphate Free Intimate Hygiene Shampoo      
  • Sulphate Free/chloride Free Handwash      
  • Sulphate Free/chloride Free/paraben Free Shampoo      
  • Sulphate Free/chloride Free/paraben Free Facewash      
  • Sulphate Free/chloride Free Shower Gel      
  • Conditioning Shampoo [available In Pearly/transparent Form]      
  • Anti-wrinkle Cream      
  • Hair Serum With Argan Oil      
  • Shower Gel      
  • Handwash      
  • Handwash      
  • Premium Handwash      
  • Body Massage Oil      
  • Detox Face Pack      
  • Whitening Face Pack      
  • Anti-tanning Face Pack      
  • Fruit Bleach      
  • Pre-shave Oil      
  • Beard Oil      
  • Bead Wax      
  • Facewash      
  • Hand Crème      
  • Body Lotion      
  • Shower Gel Sf      
  • Hair Serum      
  • Keshraja Scalp Oil      
  • Hair Conditioner      
  • Body Butter