KMML Titanium Dioxide (Rutile)

KMML Titanium Dioxide (Rutile)

Paul & Company is offering Titanium Dioxide Rutile grade of Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd, who are a Kerala State Government Undertaking.

About KMML : KMML has been Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide through the chloride route since 1984 and theirs is the only fully integrated Titanium Dioxide Plant in the world, it is a Kerala State Govt fully owned and managed by the Government of Kerala, KMML produces very pure rutile grade Titanium dioxide pigment. The different grades churned out by KMML under brand name KEMOX has a ready market which asks for more. The commendable work in research by the R&D department has also helped KMML to add more colours to its portfolio.

About Product : KMML always maintains high standards of perfection, achieving technical excellence in every phase of production. Catering to strict guidelines, KMML offers a wide range of products for quality conscious customers. Our products go into the manufacture of a variety of products used in every day life. Dress materials, facial creams, tablets, newsprints, wood paints, emulsions, enamels, plastics, tooth paste, rubber products, cosmetics, and printing ink – All contain titanium dioxide. Believe it, you need our products to brighten your life.


Manufacturing Facility : KMML is India’s only rutile grade Titanium Manufacturing Facility (through Chloride Process). The Chloride route is better than sulphate route as highest levels of purity can be achieved with this.


Paints Welding electrodes Rare earth industry
Printing Inks Titanium Dioxide pigment Nuclear technology
Plastic Titanium Tetra Chloride ---
Paper Titanium Compounds ---
Rubber --- ---
Textiles --- ---
Ceramics --- ---


Titanium Dioxide Pigment Welding electrodes Synthetic Rutile
Titanium Dioxide Pigment Titanium compounds Titanium Tetra Chloride
Titanium salts Titanium Dioxide Pigment Ferro Titanium alloys
Butyl Titanate Titanium metal/sponge Welding electronics
Titanium Oxychlorides Titanium Tetra Chloride Titanium Dioxide pigment
--- --- Titanium salts


Ceramics High temperature refractory As building Material
Foundries Ceramic industry ---
Refractories --- ---
Zirconium Chemicals --- ---
Zirconium metals --- ---
Nuclear technology --- ---